A well-integrated internet marketing plan is one of the keys to success in today's fast moving and competitive market. At one time, it was enough just to advertise your business through print and radio. Customers found you newspaper ads and the telephone directories. No more! In a recent study, it was found that in nearly every age bracket, consumers would use the Internet before using other options, including asking friends and relatives.
Here's a question to ask yourself, are you invisible when your future customers or clients Google you? Even more important, is your competition?
At Mazzi Technologies, we start off by asking the right questions. We gain an in-depth understanding of where marketing fits with the organization. Without that clear understanding of why marketing is important to the business, prioritizing activities are problematic at best. We work with you to understand what the problem is and why it is happening. "Our sales are too low" is a symptom of a deeper problem such as a lack of customer loyalty to a commodity product. We collaborate with you to identify the appropriate channel and activities to invest in. We ask questions such as "where do potential customers and clients go for information to make decisions?" We then develop an understanding of activities that have successfully worked for your competitors to develop targets for budget and click through rates and cost per action. Finally, we set up reporting and reassessment of results, which guides the reallocation of resources. In a nutshell, expand what works and either adjust or drop what is not working.
You cannot buy your way to the top of the search engine ratings, you need to work very hard at getting there. It takes time and patience and there are no guarantees. But with perserverence and the right combination of activites combined with the right follow-thru, can mean the difference between succes and failure