What Does Your Online Presence Look Like?

Last year, over 100 million adults went online to get more information about prescription drugs. Over 49 million of them viewed online videos about these medications. They didn't just glance at the article, the actually took the time to view a video! During September 2010, there were over 5,000 videos in YouTube alone! With that many people looking into things like medications online, have you thought about how your Internet presence stacks up? Does your professional image show through on your web site or is it just a 5 year old faded picture of you professionally? People are looking for information on ways to solve their problems. They are not going to call you unless they think you can help them solve their problems. Referrals are great to have, but they are not enough these days. People want to know more about you, what you do, how you do it. Where do you think they look? They are not calling your office. They are looking at your website, at what you have written and accomplished and what other people have said about you. They are reading the blogs about you! Try this exercise. Search online for one of your more successful and well know colleagues (or competitors). Now search for yourself and compare what you found. Who would you rather do business with? Still not convinced? Ask yourself this question. With what you found online, why would someone come to your office over the other person?

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