Social Media as a Public Relations Activity

If you were asked why public relations is important, you could probably come up with a handful of practical and realistic answers.  If asked about why social media is important, you may not be so confident.

Social media is an efficient way to connect with customers, prospects and communities of influencers out in the real world.  Thisis NOT advertising, it is relationship management.  With social media, you can talk with people without leaving your office.  Even easier, you can have the conversation in your own time since you're not face to face.  When used effectively, you can find and reach out to influentialpeople in your industry.  For the most part, these are people that have many conversations on many topics, and without you.  What is so wonderful about social media is your ability to join these conversations.  While very few, if any, people want to listen to your sales pitch, many people would like to hear from you because you are an expert in your field.  Your contribution is important but much of your credibility stems from your company.  For example, who knows more about locks and such than a locksmith.  People who want to protect themselves from a burglars would be interested in hearing about some ideas and new products on the market.  They don't want an online sales call.  You use creative content to showcase your company, positioning the business as a thought leader that puts people and their needs first.

Remember the movie "Miracle on 34th Street"?  Do you remember When Santa sent the customer to the other toy store for the fire engine?  The customers reaction was a commitment to do all of her shopping at that store.  That's the goal of using social media.  You set up that win-win situation where the world views you as the good guy and the wants to do business with you

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