Content is King! What makes good content?

  • Time: Thursday, 02 April 2015 00:00

We all hear that when it comes to websites and social media, content is king. But what does that mean? What makes good content? Whey do we care? Let me try to answer these question for you in business terms.

First, let's take a look at the phrase "Content is King". Content is what has been written someplace, a web page, a blog, an online article, tweeted or somewhere on the Internet. This may include advertising, opinions, news, stories, ezinearticles and more. When we say that content is king, we mean that when the reader isn't interested in what they see, they walk away. Readers will ignore "content" when they don't want to see that content. In fact, if the content annoys them, they may quickly develop an aversion to not only that item but the whatever delivered the annoying message. Put another way, they may not only hate the product, but will hate the seller. You have a problem! By the way, one of the fastest way to annoy someone on the web is to tempt them with a promise and them deliver an advertisement. If you lead with a line that promises "6 ways to improve your life", don't deliver your product configured 6 different ways. So what makes good content? Start by looking at this question from the readers (not the prospect's) perspective. Good content is useful, it's fun, it is unique and it is relevant! Bear in mind how the reader got to read your content in the first place. They didn't turn the page and trip over it. They probably used a search engine to locate information on a topic and your page popped up. They are only interested in using what they found to solve their problem. Push your product on them they will not only walk away but will avoid you in the future. Good content is not not good in your opinion, its good in the mind of the reader. Interruptive messages don't work, it's a pull not push environment.

Finally, why do we care? After all, we are in business of selling a product or service not in free education. Right? Before you agree, think about it. When a prospect comes in to talk to you, don't you tell them more than the details of your product? Don't you tell them something about the market? Doesn't telling them why your product is better than another product involve teaching them about the differences? Aren't you really educating them? Of course the education highlights your products strengths, but that's OK. Stop and think again. Have you ever spent time explaining things to a prospect that was "only looking" only to find out that they were really only looking? What if there were a way for them to get the same education without spinning your wheels? Welcome to the online world. That's exactly what you are doing here, except that you are educating the reader without being there. If they like what they read and it helps them solve their problem, you have done them a service. They will return sooner or later, either for more information or to buy whatever it is that you are selling.

Remember, content is king. If people find value in what you say, they will trust you and will eventually come to you when they are ready to buy. After all, isn't that the best use of your time, dealing with interested, qualified prospects?