What makes a great website

  • Time: Friday, 02 January 2015 00:00

What makes a great web site? Some might say that it needs great graphics; others might say it takes leading edge technology. Actually, it takes more than eye catching graphics built on top of expensive technology, it takes a great message. Where does that message come from? It starts with the business.
Fancy graphics delivered at blinding speed to a mobile phone has little meaning to a customer if they are not getting any value from the site. What is value? These days a customer may find value in many forms; it may be as simple as coupons, free shipping or the convenience of ordering from home in their bathrobes. Or it might be as complex as a tool that helps customers decide what to buy by comparing products.
To many, setting up a web site is an after thought, which is a mistake. Setting up a web site is like buying transportation, a limousine can't substitute for a truck. Likewise, a web site needs to be well thought out and built for a particular purpose. A do-it-yourself or one size fits all site is like using lawn chairs in a truck and calling it a bus. You get what you pay for.
A web site should give something back to the user beyond advertising. They can get that from a printed ad. Tell them something they don't already know, show them something new. Get them to come back by giving them a reason to come back.
What makes a great website? Maybe it's a site that makes it easy for a customer to do business!