E-Mail Marketing

  • Time: Tuesday, 21 April 2015 00:00

E-Mail marketing, despite all of the hype around social media, remains an extremely effective way to market to you target audience. E-mail is more than sending out a mass email. When you do that, you are just sending out junk mail, hoping that something you send out may work. There are many points that should be considered in an email campaign:

  • The recipient should be sent to a relevant landing page, not the home page
  • The content should not contain words or phrases that could be considered as spam as the email may be blocked by the reader
  • Social media channels used should be integrated e.g. share buttons to help spread the word
  • The message should not look like it was sent by an impersonal robot nor should it be too personal
  • The response should ask the visitor to sign up for something, collecting information in doing so but not so much that the visitor is turned off
  • Does the email conform to the law, i.e. full corporate details, unsubscribe links that are easy to use?
  • The email must be readable on smartphones, tablets and desktops