Websites for the Professional Practice

  • Time: Friday, 02 January 2015 00:00

Why does a website belong in an established professional practice? After all, you've been practicing for years, you've build up your practice to where it is through hard work and dedication, right? "Of course" you say. You have done everything you could to spread the word about your expertise, haven't you? "Well yeah I guess so" you respond. Have you aligned your practice with the current trends in the market and have you positioned your practice to service the critical business needs of your clients? Current trends? Critical business needs? "Wait a minute" you say, "I'm a professional, not a business person!".

Most professionals might agree with you. Take a look at your more successful colleagues (and competitors). They are successfule mainly because they have figured out how to to combine their profession with the business of their profession. OK, back to the point of this posting. Why do you need a website, a good website? You need one because your clients or patients and professional colleagues expect it. Even more importantly, your potential clients and patients demand it. Just for a moment, put yourself in the shoes of someone thinking of coming to you profesinonally (a.k.a. doing business with you). You are looking for the services of a (what ever type of professional you are), what do you do? You might look at your insurance provider's website if you are looking for a health care provider. You may ask family, friends, coworkers or others for a recommendation. Once you have a few names, what do you do? Most people today turn to the Internet. They will Google or Bing the names to see what the Internet has to say? They are going to look at your website, look at what you have written or done. They are going to look to see what associations you are a member of, and they are going to read what other people may have said about you in the blogs. Notice, picking up the phone to talk about their problem with you hasn't come up yet.

Try this. Search online for one of your better known colleagues or competitors. Compare that to what you find online about yourself and ask yourself this question: Who would you rather work with?

Still not convinced? Ask yousrself this questions, with what you found online, why would someone seek you out over your colleague/competitor?