Driving Traffic to your Website

  • Time: Thursday, 02 April 2015 00:00

A lot has been written and talked about to help drive traffic to websites. Much of it is very abstract and technical. I'll try to simplify the subject and put things into business terms for the non-expert. So in business terms, let's take a look at driving traffic as a simple cause and effect relationship.

The effect or goal that we are looking for is to have more visitors to your site. Why do we want to do this? Your website is a low cost, tireless marketing and sales tool, and you want to get the most out of it. The more people that visit your website the greater the chance are that they will do business with you. We won't deal with the quality of the website's content here, but it's important. Once you have a prospect's attention, you have only a few seconds, just one chance to get your message across to them now. How do they know to visit your site? They don't, they need to be told to visit your site. Who will do this you ask? You will! What you are going to do is to speak in places where your prospects and customers will hear you. You can do this on Facebook and Twitter, on your blog and by writing articles online. Once you are speaking (actually you are writing, but it's your message that counts) what you want to do is to make yourself heard by bigger and bigger audiences. You do this by choosing your words very carefully and then making an announcement.
You will choose your words very carefully because you want your message to be focused around a key concept or theme. Start with a few key concepts or phrases on what you want to say. Use these key words in your discussion, making sure you stay on track and make sure you use them in the title. Cute titles don't cut it in this game, coherent, concise and relevant is what wins. Use them in your blog, especially in the index section. These key words, supported by what you have written, will be how you attract visitors.
Once your message has been is ready and out on your blog or published in an article, your next step is to put up a notice that you have said something. Register your site in Internet directories; get links from customer sites, organizations you belong to, as well as from friends and family. Very important are your social media links. When you put up a message on these sites, the people that follow you can see what you wrote. Do what you can to get more followers, often times if you follow someone, they will then follow you.
Driving traffic to you website is a continuous activity. You want to write on a regular basis and extend the group of people that follow you by having something to say.

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